Who Should Not Get Cellular Therapy?

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Cellular therapy can help people heal from stubborn injuries and chronic pain by using the body's own natural tools to help stimulate healing.


At Asheville Regenerative Orthopedics & Sports Medicine in Asheville, NC, board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist Dr. Christie Lehman treats injuries using nonsurgical Regenexx®-SD cellular therapy.


Keep reading to find out how cellular therapy works, what conditions it can treat, and if you might make a good candidate for this treatment.

What is cellular therapy?

Cellular therapy uses bone marrow concentrate to harvest repair cells from the body's tissues and inject them into the areas where they're most needed. When we're injured for a long time, it typically means the body can't arrange for enough of these repair cells to get to the injured area, leaving us with chronic pain or disability.


Dr. Lehman uses Regenexx-SD cellular therapy to treat osteoarthritis, chronic injuries caused by natural wear and tear, sports injuries, and other damage to cartilage, tendons, and ligaments to help restore function. During the procedure, Dr. Lehman will harvest bone marrow from the back of the hip, where there are typically dense concentrations of these cells. The bone marrow is then sent to our in house lab, where the important cells and growth factors are separated and concentrated. Then, she will inject them into the injured area using advanced imaging tools so the cells get precisely where they need to be.

What are the benefits of cellular therapy?

Cellular therapy can be an excellent option for patients interested in a nonsurgical option that harnesses the body's own powers to help stimulate the growth of healthy new cells, improve mobility, speed up healing after injury, and reduce pain without medications. Dr. Lehman has seen particular success with cellular therapy when performing nonsurgical knee treatments.


Another benefit of cellular therapy is that there is little downtime, side effects are rare or mild, and it doesn't leave scars like surgery.

Who should not use cellular therapy?

Cellular therapy is a low-risk treatment option, but it isn't the right option for every patient. There are some injuries that require surgical intervention, for starters. If you are over the age of 55 and suffer from more advanced joint wear in the hip, for example, Dr. Lehman may encourage you to explore other options. Our long term data collected on outcome help us determine if the procedure is right for you. During your consultation with Dr. Lehman, we will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Does Regenexx work?

Regenexx can be used for many conditions with varying degrees of success, including osteoarthritis, back pain, sports injuries, and chronic pain from natural wear and tear. At Asheville Regenerative Orthopedics & Sports Medicine in Asheville, NC, we pride our practice on giving our patients the highest level of care to acheive the most desired results possible.


Regenexx also offers a patient registry that asks people who have undergone the procedure to post updates on their progress and side effects all in the name of transparency. Patients have access to these results so they can make an informed decision based on the success of other people like them.

Get cellular therapy in Asheville, NC

If you suffer from chronic pain or damage to tissues, ligaments, cartilage, or tendons and want to explore a nonsurgical option, board-certified doctor of physical medicine and rehabilitation Christie Lehman, M.D. can assess your issue and let you know if Regenexx-SD cellular therapy is right for you.


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