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Where on the Body Can PRP Therapy Alleviate Pain?

Dr. Christie Lehman | 04/08/2022

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy helps relieve joint and muscle pain all over the body, and is particularly effective for knee osteoarthritis.


What Shoulder Conditions Can Be Treated Without Surgery?

Dr. Christie Lehman | 03/25/2022

Believe it or not, you may be able to find relief from your shoulder pain without invasive surgery or an extended recovery period.


Can You Get Nonsurgical Treatment for a Torn ACL?

Dr. Christie Lehman | 02/10/2022

A partially torn ACL can be treated in multiple nonsurgical ways, like PRP therapy or bone marrow injections. Keep reading to find out more.


Where is Bone Marrow Taken From the Body?

Dr. Christie Lehman | 01/14/2022

Bone marrow is harvested from the back of your pelvic bone to help treat injuries with bone marrow cellular therapy.


What Type of Injuries Can be Treated With PRP Therapy?

Dr. Christie Lehman | 12/04/2021

PRP therapy can be used to treat many injuries involving your tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints.


Three Benefits Of Nonsurgical Shoulder Pain Treatment

Dr. Christie Lehman | 11/11/2021

Consider these three compelling benefits of choosing nonsurgical treatment vs. surgery for shoulder pain.


Is Surgery the Only Way to Treat a Meniscus Tear in the Knee?

Dr. Christie Lehman | 10/12/2021

A meniscus tear has been shown to improve without surgery through minimally invasive PRP or BMA treatments.


How Many PRP Treatments Are Needed ?

Dr. Christie Lehman | 09/07/2021

Address arthritis and chronic pain with advanced PRP therapy. Learn about the process and how many sessions are needed for tissue repair to occur.


Will I Have Scars After Regenexx® Procedures?

Dr. Christie Lehman | 08/08/2021

Pain from osteoarthritis and other degenerative conditions can be treated without incisions or scars. Learn how Regenexx works at our pain clinic.


Can Regenexx® SCP Treat My Arthritis?

Dr. Christie Lehman | 07/09/2021

Regenerative treatments like Regenexx can treat pain and symptoms of osteoarthritis. Learn how our clinic helps degenerative conditions with Regenexx.


How Does Regenexx® Help Support Damaged Tissue in the Body?

Dr. Christie Lehman | 06/07/2021

Are you looking for minimally invasive pain management options? Treat tissue damage through the cutting-edge Regenexx procedure in Asheville, NC.


Who May Not Be a Candidate for PRP Therapy?

Dr. Christie Lehman | 05/11/2021

Platelet-rich plasma is effective for treating chronic pain and soft tissue injuries. Learn about your candidacy for PRP injections at our clinic.


How Does Bone Marrow Cellular Treatment Relieve Pain?

Dr. Christie Lehman | 04/17/2021

Bone marrow cellular therapy can address advanced joint and tendon degeneration. See how this pain relief treatment works with an assessment today.


When Should You See a Doctor for Shoulder Pain?

Dr. Christie Lehman | 03/04/2021

Shoulder pain can prevent you from performing some activities. Learn the common symptoms of shoulder pain and when to visit the doctor for treatment.


Reasons Why Your Knee is in Pain

Dr. Christie Lehman | 02/04/2021

Knee pain, while common, does not have to go left untreated. There are a variety of causes for knee pain and many nonsurgical and surgical solutions.


How Do You Know Your Orthopedic Stem Cell Provider is One of the "Good Ones"?

Dr. Christie Lehman | 01/23/2021

Learn how to choose a proper Orthopedic Provider for Stem Cells.


How is PRP Used in Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Dr. Christie Lehman | 01/13/2021

Platelet-rich plasma uses your own natural healing capabilities to treat overuse injuries and more. Learn about the benefits of PRP for athletes here.


What is a Stem Cell? Part 3

Dr. Christie Lehman | 08/17/2020

Learn more about Stem Cells including why to use and how many is needed.


What is a Stem Cell? Part 2

Dr. Christie Lehman | 07/27/2020

Learn more about what a stem cell is and how it can benefit Orthopedic injuries.


What is a Stem Cell? Part 1

Dr. Christie Lehman | 06/23/2020

Learn what a Stem Cell is.


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