A Great Step for Improving Patient Care using Stem Cells

New Academic Delphi Panel Formed to Define Best Practices for Using Bone Marrow Concentrate

A nationwide panel of experts are using the Delphi consensus building method, developed by the RAND Corporation, to drive consensus and guidelines on the procedural use of bone marrow concentrate


The future of regenerative medicine is an exciting area with vast potential. Unfortunately, right now there are few standards across the country of how we should be using this technology, and this is creating a ‘free for all’ for providers who are not experts to perform these procedures, some of which are totally unproven at this point.
Patients, clinicians and payors will benefit from this new Panel formed just this month focusing on creating guidelines and consensus to bring some order to this field and set the stage for future research and advancements.

Dr. Lehman is working in collaboration with the OrthoHealing Method Network in an effort to create consensus on treatment guidelines.

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