Caution Advised When Seeking Stem Cell Treatment

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As a physician, I adhere to an oath to provide care that is safe and beneficial for my patients.

Recently, I have seen more and more people coming to me after hearing a “Stem Cell” talk from a local chiropractic clinic. These people unanimously share that the speaker was “strangely vague” and left them with a “bad feeling”. I tell them that their “Spidey sense” was right! There is definitely something to watch out for with this clinic.

While I like chiropractors, a small group within the chiro community has been pushing the envelope for many years. These chiropractors have slowly added more and more medical services to their practices to enhance their income.

A network of chiropractic clinics, without on-site physicians, have expanded around the country marketing their “stem cells” to unknowing audiences. They are providing relatively untested treatments and making fraudulent claims to their efficacy. A physicians assistant will perform an injection of freeze-dried or flash-frozen donated amniotic tissue that has been aggressively sold to them by distributing companies. Independent lab studies have demonstrated NO LIVING STEM CELLS in these products. The FDA, in fact, sent letters to these companies last year telling them that it is FRAUD for them to consider this product to be STEM CELLS.

I am an experienced physician with vastly superior skills, training in the diagnosis and treatment of medical issues and knowledge of the field of orthobiologics. This matters. I continually connect with other ethical and experienced physicians across the county to provide evidence-based treatments even at a lower cost than these clinics (based on what patients have been sharing with me).

I want to continue to improve this exciting field of medicine and offer treatments that will truly help my patients. I’d like to help you make more sense of this complicated area of medicine. Schedule an appointment to review your particular condition and discuss whether bone marrow therapy or platelet injections could be a good option for you.

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